SQL Saturday Training Day session selection process

We want to be totally clear with all the people kind enough to submit a Training Day session to us for SQL Saturday Exeter on how we consider the submissions and the process that we apply to select the sessions that we want for our conference.

SQL Saturday Exeter has, at the heart of its existence, some simple but important goals and we select the sessions that we think will best help us reach those goals.

Goals of SQL Saturday Exeter

Goal 1 – We want SQL Saturday Exeter to be the best SQL Server conference that is running in the South West. To meet this goal we want a variety of sessions that cater for attendees of all levels of skill and experience and to provide them with advice and guidance that they can implement easily to make their jobs easier and increase their skill levels.

Goal 2 – We want to enrich the SQL Community in the UK by encouraging new speakers into our conference schedule. We have a history of quality Training Day sessions that are from new and experienced speakers. We will try to continue this theme each year.

Goal 3 – There is no escaping the fact that SQL Saturday Exeter costs a lot to run and the South West user group needs funds to keep going throughout the year. The Training Day sessions are not free to attend and the funds we receive are used to contribute to the costs we incur.

Selection criteria

All Training Day submissions should be sent in to SQL South West by the deadline clearly explaining what your session and covering the details requested on our website.

All submissions received on or before the closing date will be considered.

We have limited space so it is likely that some submissions will be rejected.

As part of our sponsorship plan we offer one sponsor a Training Day session. If they don’t take up this option then we can offer this to a submission that we feel will help us reach our goals.

We want to provide a range of subjects for attendees to choose from so it is likely that submissions on a similar topic will not all be chosen unless they are likely to attract delegates of different skill levels.

If we can’t clearly see what the delegates will gain from attending your session it will make it hard for us to pick your session.

No one person makes the decision – SQL Saturday Exeter committee is made up of SQL South West user group members and there is much discussion and consideration put into the session selection. A vote will decide the outcome where there is no clear consensus of opinion.

The process

Once the decisions have been made all submissions will get a response. Those that are successful will hear from us first, by the date stated on the website. If those speakers are still interested in running their session then we can start work to build our schedule and make the necessary arrangements for this.

It is possible that we will respond to a submission that rather than taking a full day session that we try something different – a half-day session or a double session on the Saturday perhaps. If the speaker is interested in this then that is great, we are building variety and meeting our goals.

We will now respond to all other submissions to confirm that whilst we really appreciated the offer we would not be running that session this time.

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