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SQL South West User Group

SQL South West is a chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS)

PASS Chapter

If you are using SQL Server in any way and are interested in meeting other SQL professionals in the South West then please contact us.

We are a group of DBAs and developers from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset who get together in Exeter once a month to talk about anything related to SQL. If you live or work in the South West of the UK or are in the area on business or holiday then we’d be happy to see you; scroll down or contact us for details of upcoming meetings.

The group is for anyone working with SQL Server or anyone interested in starting to work with it. You may be a full time DBA or developer or someone looking to understand SQL Server things more clearly or maybe you are the guy that didn’t run fast enough when the last DBA left.

August meeting content

This month we have Data warehousing with SQL Server Analysis Services from Terry McCann.

In this 2 hour session (with a pizza break in the middle – [Jonathan]) we will look at a primer to data warehouses and then follow this up a look at the 2 flavours of SSAS. Firstly we will tackle SSAS multidimensional looking at what it is and how it works, then we will look at SSAS tabular and talk about how tabular works.

You might be thinking why on earth is there 2 versions of SSAS!?! We will talk about that too and briefly touch on the languages that each model uses. At the end of this session, you might not be an SSAS maestro, but you will know the details of each product and I will demo building an SSAS cube in each product. This session is not just for you BI guys, this session is for DBAs too – You need to know what these developers are building in your estate.

Setting up Open Live writer for editing your blog content

I asked a question on Twitter recently and got a helpful response and two requests to share the solution. So, here is the solution!

has anyone got any advice on connecting Open Live writer to a WordPress blog please?

My particular problem didnt get resolved, I think there are issues concerning the way my other blog is hosted/managed but  that isnt the point. I tried connecting Open Live Writer (OLW) to my user group blog and had no issues at all so here is the step by step on how to get it done. If you havent heard of OLW then take a look at their website and on Scott Hanselman’s blog for a potted history of this great app.

Things you will need:

  • Your WordPress blog login name.
  • Your WordPress blog login password.
  • Your blog url.

I keep the first two of these in a password manager so that was easy and the URL was pretty simple to locate too.

If you havent already installed OLW then you wont have it linked to a blog, this means that on startup the app will present you with a dialog to get connected. If you have OLW already installed then you can start the same dialog by going to the Blog Accounts button on the Home ribbon and clicking the downward facing arrow head


from here you can select ‘Add blog account’ (or ‘Manage blog accounts’ and then click the Add button on the dialog there) and this will place you right in the same place.

You need to select a blog provider from the list.


I havent tried other providers so cant vouch for the process there but with WordPress the next screen requests the information we gathered together earlier on.


Fill in the details as requested.


Click Next and magic should start to happen. (* this is precisely where the magic doesnt happen for me with the issue that prompted my question)


After a moment or two, depending on your internet connection speed you will get a final dialog that asks you for the friendly name for your blog account.


Click Finish and you are all set to start using OLW as your blogging tool.