Our privacy policy is pretty simple at the minute:

We will only use any details you send us in order to contact you about user group information.
It wont be sold or given to anyone* for any other purpose.
Any change to this policy will be communicated to anyone who has given me their details at least 21 days before the change takes effect.
[Edit – 29th May 2012]
Well there are new EU regulations that I am pretty sure we fall within that mean we cannot use cookies on this site without your permission. We use Google Analytics to measure traffic on this site, where it comes from, what pages are popular etc. This requires cookies to be allowed. When you visit this site there is now a banner that requires you to click the close button to acknowledge this fact. If you click this away in error then please click the Privacy tab at the foot of each page to alter your settings. if you have any questions then please contact me at the address below.

Many thanks to SilkTide ( for making the code to do this open source and spectacularly easy to implement.

Note – 4th July 2013 – Whilst we change our site design certain features may be in flux; we are not currently using Google Analytics on this version of the site.

* – I cant guarantee about torture, I have a really low pain threshold so may give your details out if I am tortured. I will try to hold out as long as possible though.