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My background includes working as a Data Architect, Database Developer, systems integrator, data exploitation specialist and DBA, as well as tutoring and actively promoting professional development and mentoring. I have been involved in a number of technical User Groups, and occasionally present or blog about topics which interest me. I'm a Friend of RedGate. When not facing a computer screen I can be found walking, usually on the moors. I take an interest in my local community and volunteer my time and skills to this end.

November meeting 9th November 2015

November sees us get a visit from John Martin and Rich Douglas. As well as being massive contributors to the UK SQL Server Community they are the latest recruits to SQL Sentry. Two technical sessions have been selected but John and Rich will be more than happy to talk about and demo SQL Sentry suite of tools to help you manage and troubleshoot your servers

John Martin ( b | t )
John is a Sales Engineer for SQL Sentry, interacting with existing and prospective customers at conferences and trade shows. He also provides demos and online webinars for existing and future users of SQL Sentry software.

Building & Configuring SQL Server : Recommended Practices
When planning your SQL Server deployments there are a lot of different options to choose from and configurations that you can use, but which ones are for you? Here I will discuss and highlight some of the key recommended practices that you should follow and put in place when you build your SQL Servers and ways that you can automate these in order to standardize your server deployments.

Richard Douglas ( b | t )
Rich is a Sales Engineer at SQL Sentry, where he specializes in the SQL Server product range. He has worked with SQL Server since version 7.0 in various developer and DBA roles and holds a number of Microsoft certifications. Richard is a keen member of the SQL Server community, running a PASS Chapter in the UK and serving on the organizing committee for SQLRelay.

Wait Watchers – Gain Performance Increases Fast!
In this session you will learn all about SQL Server’s wait statistics, these are statistics the database engine stores about the resources it is waiting on. Armed with this information you, as a SQL Server professional, can make better informed decisions on which areas of your environment to tune to greater effect. After attending this session you will be able to know where to find, interpret and use this information to tie down problem areas in your SQL Server estate. Not just to fix that problem query, but improve overall performance for all of your users.

Christmas social 
We don’t meet in December but we are going to Harry’s Restaurant in Exeter for a social evening on Monday 7th December at 7pm. We have currently reserved a table for 16 so the first responses will get the seats that are reserved  We are unable to add to this so if you would like to join us please let us know asap.

September Meeting – Monday 21st – Performance

Our September meeting is Monday 21st September. We have two sessions by chapter leader Jonathan Allen this month; first of all we will review SQL Server configuration options and discuss how they affect performance and then after the break we will take a look at how to benchmark performance and then analyse performance data to locate slow performing queries and then if time allows, how they might be optimised.

Our October meeting will be on Monday 19th October.