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My background includes working as a Data Architect, Database Developer, systems integrator, data exploitation specialist and DBA, as well as tutoring and actively promoting professional development and mentoring. I have been involved in a number of technical User Groups, and occasionally present or blog about topics which interest me. I'm a Friend of RedGate. When not facing a computer screen I can be found walking, usually on the moors. I take an interest in my local community and volunteer my time and skills to this end.

August Meeting – Monday 17th August 2015

Our User Group meeting for this month will be on our new day MONDAY 17th August at new starting time of 6pm (although many members gather informally from 5.30pm).  The venue remains unchanged in the basement of Jurys Inn Hotel in Exeter.

This month we have Rob Sewell ( B | T ) giving us two sessions
A Look at Azure SQL VM Automated Backup and Azure Automated Patching
If you are building SQL VMs in Azure you can use Azure SQL VM Automated Backup and Azure Automated Patching to reduce the amount of configurations you need to do to ensure that your user databases are regularly backed up and your servers are kept up to date with the latest updates. In this session you will learn how easy it is to set these up, the restrictions that are in place and most importantly how you can restore from those backups using both the GUI and PowerShell

and then . . . .

Continuous Learning
A look at the importance of continuing to learn every day, how and where you can achieve this and suggestions that you can bring into the workplace.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

July Meeting – Thursday 16th

For this month’s meeting, we have two sessions by Steph Locke ( t | b ). Steph does a lot of stuff in BI, from building snazzy Azure 6NF data warehouses to developing R web services. On top of the cool day job, she organises user groups & SQLRelay, speaks at events, and runs a boardgame company.

Do come and join us from 1730 at the Jury’s Inn in Exeter.

Board packs: Combining shiny, LaTeX and databases for full effect

The monthly report pack for the Board — with lots of information from different sources and all requiring commentary from lots of people — these things can take weeks to produce, send for commentary, and then compile into one pack.
This full hour takes you through a framework for a single core source document, a shiny interface, hooks into the database for commentary, and the LaTeX (or markdown) document structure needed for developing a single interface through which lots of people can contribute to a single document.

Knowing your Rs from your elbow

R, a fantastic open-source language, will rock your world.

Instead of showing you how to do dry old statistics and worrying about your random trees and bagging methods, this session is going to take you through the super-cool stuff. No TLAs allowed in this session, only cool terms like shiny & LaTeX!

We’re gonna get your data out of SQL Server in just a few lines, then we’re going to chart it for awesomeness, and then the fun begins.

We’ll go through the easy experience of using shiny to make interactive, real-time reports.

I’ll show you how you can add markdown & LaTeX to the mix to replace Excel, PowerPoint & Word so that you can save yourself months over your lifetime formatting bullet points and headers.

By the end of this session, you’ll truly know your Rs from your elbow.

More info about Steph:

Steph Locke wants to live in a world where everyone she encounters enjoys their jobs and is awesome. Since she’s gifted with the inability to be daunted by a task, she’s using her unbounded perkiness to bring awesomeness to the people.

In the day job of BI & Credit Risk, she heads up a small team responsible for using and building a blend of open source and proprietary technologies into a cutting edge analytics function for a startup company in the finance space. You can benefit from her severe aversion to grunt work by nabbing her work from CRAN, github, her blog, and the book Tribal SQL.

When she’s not making numbers look pretty, you can probably find her at a community event.

If it’s not an event she’s organised, then she’s at someone else’s event where they’ve been crazy enough to let her talk or help out at. SQLBits, SQLRelay and SQL Saturday organisers have all let Steph speak and help out, and most recently she was nominated for the Tribal Award recognising her gift of the gab and willingness to help out.

She runs three user groups in Cardiff and supports a number of others. As well as enjoying helping increase awesomeness locally, she’s also tackling the task nationally! A veteran organiser of SQLRelay, Steph runs the Cardiff event growing it year on year, and has taken stints running the marketing, sponsorship and the whole conference to help bring more knowledge to the masses.

Her latest project — run 1, speak 1 — has her running an event and speaking at a different one each month for the whole year. If you want to attend one of her user groups in Cardiff, or get her to a user group or conference near you this year, contact her on twitter to find out more.