Community Interviews: What’s it like to visit your first SQL Saturday?

SQL Saturday Exeter Community InterviewsCommunity Interviews are a series of interviews with real world attendees to SQL Saturday Exeter events.

This time, we speak to Rory Cheeld, a first time visitor to SQL Saturday Exeter 2013, about his experiences.


Hi Rory, Thanks for agreeing to speak to us. We understand that SQL Saturday Exeter 2013 was your first attendance at a SQL Saturday event. How did you hear about the SQL Saturday and what made you interested enough to attend?

I caught the article on SQLServerCentral advertising the event. The fact there was an event in Exeter got me excited enough to attend. From there, it was a case of choosing the session that would be most valuable to me.

Was it anything like you expected?

This was my first SQL event, so I did not really know what to expect. I enjoyed the fact the sessions where in smaller groups. I guess I expected a big lecture style environment, so I would say it exceeded my expectations.

What would you list as the benefits of attending the SQL Saturday?

The smaller sessions allowed for a more interactive experience with the speakers. We were able to ask many questions and there was time to explore side topics.

How would you advise someone new to SQL Saturdays to go about getting involved?

Get to one of the sessions and experience it yourself. No matter what your experience level, you are bound to take something away, or gain a valuable connection through networking.

Thanks Rory, we look forward to seeing you at another SQL Saturday event soon.

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