Stacia Misner – profile and session details

Stacia Misner MVP

Stacia Misner MVP

Reporting Services From Rookie to Rockstar

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This session provides an introduction to Reporting Services for report developers having no prior experience with the product by explaining how to use the development tools effectively, how to present and enhance data in a report, and how to create dynamic reports.

Even if you have some experience with Reporting Services already, this session explores aspects of Reporting Services that are not well-documented and unintuitive, providing you with an opportunity to expand your skills and make the most of this reporting tool.

In a jam-packed day of discussions and demonstrations applicable to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and later, you learn:

  • How to approach the report development process
  • How to manage key components of a report project: data sources, datasets, report items, and data regions
  • How to use a tablix effectively to design the layout of data with creative groupings
  • How to use expressions to display data or change the appearance and behaviour of a report in practical ways
  • How to use report parameters with and without query parameters
  • How to use data visualization features to enhance the communication of information
  • How to add interactivity to reports
  • How to work with pagination and rendering features to manage page layout and more!

Stacia’s Bio

Stacia Misner is a SQL Server MVP, SSAS Maestro, MCIT-BI, and MCTS-BI. A consultant, educator, author, and principal of Data Inspirations, her career spans more than 25 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology. Since 2000, Stacia has been providing consulting and education services for Microsoft’s business intelligence technologies. During that time, she has also authored several books covering the Microsoft BI stack. She is a frequent speaker at PASS, DevConnections, SQLSaturdays, and similar international events.

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