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Neil Hambly

Neil Hambly

Performance Troubleshooting using DMVs

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Performance troubleshooting can be a complex subject with many factors for consideration for under performance of statements, using proven methodologies and evaluating performance data available in the Dynamic Management Views (or functions), we can quickly identify the underlying reasons and move onto providing solutions to the performance problems and validating the effectiveness of the solutions

 Training Agenda:

Providing a foundation of how & which DMV’s to use to identify those problematic statements for versions of SQL Server from 2005 – 2014

Demonstrating using practical examples, including code that can be taken away and used on attendees own SQL Servers
Show how to identify common causes of performance issues, learn how to quickly review and understand the wealth of performance data available

Advanced troubleshooting techniques using extended events and Query plan analysis

Why attend this Pre-Con:

Learn the critical DMV knowledge needed alongside the techniques to becoming a skilled in performance troubleshooting, be able to rapidly identify and resolve performance issues using proven methodologies

Correctly configure important resources for maximising performance capabilities.

Neil’s bio

Neil Hambly is a Senior DBA @ Confio Software, having held various SQL Server roles during the last 14 years @ market leading companies (Accenture, ABN AMRO, BBC, iProfile, MDSL) He has considerable Experience in SQL Server starting with version 6.5 through to the latest 2012 release. A regular International speaker @ SQL conference & User Group, he also leads the SQL London PASS Chapter (UK). Frequently found studying the inner workings of SQL Server, as well as an avid Tweeter @Neil_Hambly

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