Mladen Prajdic – profile and session details

Mladen Prajdic MVP

Mladen Prajdic MVP

SQL Server for developers

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This precon will try to show what .Net and SQL developers should know about SQL Server.

We’ll start with choosing the correct data types and the impact of wrong ones.  After that we’ll take a look at error handling, pros and cons of dynamic T-SQL, and behaviours of various isolation levels. After that we’ll take a look at basic indexing, locking, blocking, and troubleshooting methodology.

We’ll finish the precon with some tips on how to write better and faster queries.  This will include various query writing patterns and basic execution plan analysis.

If there’s time we’ll also talk about some architectural patterns for .Net app design.

Mladen’s bio

Mladen Prajdić is a SQL Server MVP from Slovenia and a C# and SQL Server developer.  He likes to optimize things.  He blogs at  In his free time he develops a popular add-in for SSMS, called SSMS Tools Pack ( .

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