Dave Morrison – profile and session details

David Morrison

David Morrison

SQL Optimization and Internals Workshop – A Day of T-SQL and SQL Server fun!

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In this day long session we’ll cover a wide range of T-SQL and SQL Server internals subjects. 

We’ll do a deep dive into in executions plans and plan operators, we’ll also take an “end to end” look at sql server indexes, index internals and statistics in terms of what these are, how they are stored and how they are used. After this we’ll look at how these affect the query plans and their selection.

As well as this we will spend some time looking at T-SQL bad habits and best practices and how to write more efficient, better performing SQL code.

Finally, we’ll go over things such as plan caching, storage internals and there may also be some SQL Server 2014 goodies in there too!

Attendees will leave with a deeper knowledge of the internal workings of SQL Server and will also add to their T-SQL coding “toolbox”. This will enable them to more quickly and easily diagnose SQL performance issues and also write better, more performant T-SQL code.

Dave’s Bio

David is a senior BI consultant at itelligence. Having worked in some for of database development or another for around 14 years his areas of specialisation are SQL Server engine internals, T-SQL and query performance tuning. David has spoken at numerous conferences including several SQLBits and SQL Saturday events as well as user group meetings. He is a confident speaker who uses humour and a down to earth approach to make even the most technical subject matters easily attainable and engaging.

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