Session submissions – closing date details

We are still open for the moment but some people have been asking how long they have to submit. So here are the details…

Training Day sessions (the day-long training) need to be submitted by the end of October 2018. We will be making our selections in the first week of November and setting our schedule as soon as we can after that.

Saturday sessions (the hour-long* ones) can be submitted right up to the end of November 2019. We’ll be making the selections from those while we eat our mince pies and will be publishing our session schedule as soon as we possibly can.

Are you interested in delivering your first session and starting out as a technical conference speaker? We specialise in bringing long-time conference attendees into the next stage in community involvement by sharing their skills and experience as a speaker. We have an illustrious list of previous speakers who started out with us and have gone on to amazing levels – both in conference speaking and in their careers. Contact us if you want to know what its like and we will give you guidance on how to get started. Perhaps by submitting a lightning talk – anyone can spend 5 minutes talking about something that will be useful to other attendees.!

Submit your session ideas via our form here and we’ll be in touch.

* – we want to get as much content to our attendees as possible – we want them going home bulging with new ideas, skills and enthusiasm. To help us achieve this we set our session duration to 50 minutes. That lets us add a whole extra session into  the day.