August meeting content

This month we have Data warehousing with SQL Server Analysis Services from Terry McCann.

In this 2 hour session (with a pizza break in the middle – [Jonathan]) we will look at a primer to data warehouses and then follow this up a look at the 2 flavours of SSAS. Firstly we will tackle SSAS multidimensional looking at what it is and how it works, then we will look at SSAS tabular and talk about how tabular works.

You might be thinking why on earth is there 2 versions of SSAS!?! We will talk about that too and briefly touch on the languages that each model uses. At the end of this session, you might not be an SSAS maestro, but you will know the details of each product and I will demo building an SSAS cube in each product. This session is not just for you BI guys, this session is for DBAs too – You need to know what these developers are building in your estate.