Monthly Archives: February 2015

February meeting – Thursday 19th

The group is back to its regularly scheduled time slot of the 3rd Thursday (19/02/2015) at 17:30.

This month we have 2 sessions from our group members! As always we will have pizza, followed by drinks in the bar when sessions have finished.

Session 1

Our first session will be from Terry McCann. He will be presenting on reporting on Reporting Services. This session explores some of the ways that you can monitor how your SSRS environment is being used.

Abstract: Still using Reporting Services? Yeah me too! Does this scenario sound familiar? You already have a large SSRS environment but the users still want more reports. You create a new, all singing, all dancing dashboard that removes the need for a bunch of reports, awesome. You launch it and explain to the business that you are deprecating the old reports. “WAIT! We still need that for Jill in HR to do her end-of-month”, or “We might still need that” – these types of comments are what leads to having a load of reports that are not being used. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see who is viewing a report, in what format and how often, all inside your current SSRS environment? With this data wouldn’t it then be even better if we could automate a process to email the owner of that report to say “HA! I told you no one looked at this report!”. In this session we will look at how we can do all of this and more by mining the SSRS DB.

Session 2

Then on to a session from another group member Simon Stride. Simon is a senior analyst and will be presenting a session on an introduction to BIML. BIML or Business Intelligence Mark-up Language combines SSIS knowledge with C#/VB coding to enable you to quickly create SSIS packages on they fly. AWESOME!