February meeting – Thursday 20th

Dave Ballantyne joins us for two sessions looking forward to SQL Server 2014 and how to make the most of it’s new features.

Estimation and Statistics : The Basis of query optimization At the heart of SQL Server is the cost based optimizer. Stop and think about that a minute, it attempts to give the “best plan” based on the cost of the work undertaken. How does it know the cost of the work before its done the work ? This isn’t a conundrum, it doesn’t. It estimates! How does it estimate ? That is statistics. This will be a deep dive into how the optimizer makes its decisions to give you a plan, the things that can go wrong and how you can have influence over these choices.
SQL2014 : The all new cardinality estimator – Making estimation more accurate A vital component inside the query optimizer is the cardinality estimator, these are the algorithms that calculate the estimated number of rows will be outputted from each operator. In SqlServer 2014, there have been many changes aimed at giving a more accurate number of rows, and therefore better plans. This session will be a look at these changes