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November meeting – Thursday 21st

We are looking forward to two sessions from a total of three speakers this month.

Katie and Emilt | w ) present The “Dark side” of SSIS transformations!

Did you know that SSIS Transformations have a dark side?

What if we told you that most companies who develop SSIS packages run a risk having live packages (even after thorough unit and system testing) that can suddenly break or worse they can run and misbehave without you noticing it! Maybe not tomorrow or next week or in two years’ time but can you afford to take the risk? 

This sessions shows a few examples that you should always bear in mind. 

Katie & Emil (husband & wife) and are founders of Katie & Emil LTD a BI Consulting & Training Company specializing in Microsoft Technologies, Data Warehouse Design and Performance Tuning. Emil is a Microsoft certified solution experts for the BI stack.

William Durkin ( b | t ) presents Consolidation – resistance is futile.

The IT world is currently in cost-saving mode – cutbacks are all over the place and then Microsoft pushes out SQL Server price hikes. In this session we will discuss how consolidating SQL Server can reduce overall costs and increase efficiency. We will cover the reasons for consolidation along with the advantages and the disadvantages of consolidating SQL Servers. We will also take a look at some of the tools that can assist with a consolidation project and some pitfalls that I have experienced on previous consolidation projects.

Session Level: Intermediate

William Durkin is a SQL Server DBA with 8 years experience starting with SQL Server 2000, born in the UK and now based in Germany. The most recent project was creating a world-wide, 12 site transactional replication system (buy me a drink and I’ll tell you the story)

This session will be a remote session – connection details are now available if you can’t make it to the meeting in person.

October meeting – Thursday 17th

Our technical session this month is from Richard Munn ( b | t ) .
Richard has been a DBA for longer than he cares to admit. Currently based in Swindon, he’s worked on all sorts – large and small, and cares passionately about each and every one of them. He also likes email, and thinks that Project Managers are funny.

Policy-based what ?!?
 Beginning with SQL Server 2008, Policy-based Management was added to the DBA’s toolkit to ease administration, but it only goes so far. This session will cover the principles of Policy-based Management, and we’ll take a look at how we can make it work for us, as opposed to just telling us something is not right. We’ll cover PBM and its insides, Alerts, Operators, Scheduled Jobs, and who knows, perhaps even some Extended Events!