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September meeting – Thursday 19th

Dave Morrison – Myth Busters! Busting Common TSQL Myths

We are very pleased to have Dave visit us again this month

In this session we will take a look at, and hopefully bust, my list of common myths and misconceptions I see and hear about on a daily basis. We will look at areas such as Indexing / SARGability, joins & sub queries, nested views, query plans and a host of other myths. Using lots of a demos and examples attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the best ways to use TSQL and hopefully bust at least one myth or misconception that they have.

Questions and Requests from members

Following the interesting and useful Q & A session last month there are a couple of questions and requests that we will cover in the second session. Again, if you have any questions or would like opinion from the group on a SQL Server topic then please bring the thoughts and even a way to demonstrate your point and we will happily try to include everything. The key one I would like to cover is a question about error handling in TSQL as I think there will be lots of opinions and techniques that we can share.

SQL Saturday Exeter – 2014

UPDATE: Click here for the latest SQL Saturday Exeter 2014 information, or use the SQL Saturday link in the menu above.

We are back and hoping to be bigger and better than 2013. It’s happening at the same venue, Jury’s Inn, Exeter, Devon UK with a Pre-Con day on Friday 21st March and Community Day on Saturday 22nd March. We hope to fully launch very soon. However submissions for the pre-con are now open. If you would like further information please contact us via

We are also looking for a pre-con sponsor, again for further information please contact us via

More information will follow soon . . . watch this space. (CLICK HERE for up to date information!)

The SQL Saturday Exeter team.