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August meeting details

Matija Lah – SQL Server and XML Query
We are very pleased to have a remote session from Matija this month as one of the most popular sessions as voted for recently by user group attendees.
Session details.
XML was added to the collection of SQL Server native data types in SQL Server 2005. Being a complex data type, not only is XML accompanied by a set of dedicated T-SQL functions, but also with a complete querying language. In this session you will learn about the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 implementation of the World Wide Web Consortium’s XML Query Recommendation, and learn how to compose XML data – from existing SQL Server data or simply "from scratch", how to retrieve (relational) data from XML Documents to be used in a SQL Server database, and how to manipulate XML data using Transact-SQL and the XML Data Manipulation Language (XML DML). You’ve already mastered all the primitive SQL Server data types, why would XML be an exception?

August Meeting

SQL South West August meeting will be on Thursday 15th August. We are proud to have an online session from Matija Lah MVP this month.

For more information please use the contact details to get details on where the meeting is (if you can attend in person) the Live Meeting details (if you want to join us online).