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Thursday 18th July 2013

The July meeting will be on Thursday 18th. Jonathan is going to miss the July meeting as he is in Germany for work so Annette will be flying solo for the first time.

July session details:

Chris Cousins – ORM and the database code it produces

An introduction to Object Relational Mapping (ORM), the potential pitfalls of database access using ORMs and what you as a database professional should be on the alert for.

Stuart Moore –¬†Automating Database Backups, Restores and Verification with PowerShell

SQL Server makes it simple to automate backups with jobs and maintenance plans, but doesn’t provide a simple method to schedule test restores to prove the backups have worked. Using PowerShell we can write simple scripts that allow us to automate test restores from our SQL backups, and then check that the restored database is valid, consistent and usable. This session will introduce you to the basics of backing up and restoring ¬†databases with PowerShell scripts, and the verifying the restored database.
Update: Stuart has kindly made available the resources from his talk on his website.
The meeting starts at 17:30; after this time the door will not be manned so that we can all enjoy the first session, so please give Annette a call if you are running a little late.

Other news:

24 Hours of PASS – Summit Preview.
See an advance viewing of some of the sessions that will be on at Summit from the comfort of your own home or office. July 31st – Register here