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SQL South West User Group

SQL South West is a chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS)

PASS Chapter

If you are using SQL Server in any way and are interested in meeting other SQL professionals in the South West then please contact us.

We are a group of DBAs and developers from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset who get together in Exeter once a month to talk about anything related to SQL. If you live or work in the South West of the UK or are in the area on business or holiday then we’d be happy to see you; scroll down or contact us for details of upcoming meetings.

The group is for anyone working with SQL Server or anyone interested in starting to work with it. You may be a full time DBA or developer or someone looking to understand SQL Server things more clearly or maybe you are the guy that didn’t run fast enough when the last DBA left.

New: We’re now on Meetup!

August meeting – Thurs Aug 21st

Next meeting we are pleased to welcome Alex Whittles and John Martin with sessions on PowerPivot and SQL Server AlwaysOn.

Alex from PurpleFrog Systems will be presenting “Using PowerPivot to predict and win Fantasy F1

How do you select the optimal team line-up to beat your mates at fantasy Formula 1? With over 1/4 million combinations of team and drivers and a complex points scoring scheme, your odds aren’t much better than a lottery. In this session we’ll walk through creating and using a PowerPivot model which will tell you the optimal team line up, and guarantee you eternal glory as a braniac petrol head. And become a PowerPivot and DAX pro in the process.


John Martin is a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft in the UK, working with SQL Server for the last six years covering BI, Core Engine and SQL Development has given John an appreciation for the many different ways that organisations make use of SQL Server. His session will be “AlwaysOn – Availability Groups, up and running in an hour.

With SQL Server 2012 Microsoft brought AlwaysOn Availability Groups to the party, and then gave them some new toys to play with in SQL Server 2014. Availability Groups change the way that we look at building High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions to meet the needs of our businesses. This session will help give you the knowledge of just what Availability Groups can and more importantly cannot do when it comes to building a High Availability Solution, looking at when we might want to make use of this feature and how to implement a basic single site availability group.